Jackets Required in Charleston

Friday, Sep 20th, 2024

Jackets Required in CharlestonJackets Required in Charleston

Dear Friends,

In 2005, we held our first party, and since then we are continually creating new formats, and finding new and exciting ways to bring people together who are pursuing open relationships of all styles.   Jackets-Required, is something special for our friends under 40, as full-length photographs and ID are required beforehand and fashion counts.

For those traveling from out of the area to attend our parties, we all offer Jackets-Required Plus.   The "plus" is the addition of a deluxe hotel room or suite nearby, removing the need to dash home afterwards.  

At each party you can expect something a little different, albeit the theme, or the addition live music, bands,  DJ’s, caterers or private performances from a variety of talented performers.  Whatever the special twist, the details for the party will be provided before you commit to attend.  All parties include an open bar.  

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me directly at: george@doyouknowgeorge.com